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The design of this website must not be used without written permission. (If a design or programming is needed, you may as well just ask - we should be able to create something for you.)
Data protection information
We care about protection of data and privacy - so below we explain what data is being stored and how it is being used.

As it is normal on almost any webserver software, any access to this website is being logged. This includes URL, timestamp, IP and probably more data, if being sent by the browser. This sort of data can not be associated with any person in particular. These logs are being stored for an amount of time specified by law and being deleted afterwards. Third parties do not have access to those logs.

If you are one of our customers, we store all data necessary to fulfill the agreement - this mainly includes personal and/or business data which is being entered while signing up. Third parties not part of the agreement can not view this information. When registering a domain, WHOIS data is being transferred to the according domain registry, which require this in order to allow a domain to be registered.