16 High-End Quality Nameservers
As with our other Services, our Nameservers are distributed world-wide. Where other providers merely offer two single Nameservers physically near each other, our Nameserver Infrastructure persists of 4 sets of 4 Nameservers each, providing you 16 Nameservers world-wide for best Redundancy and maximum Availability for all of your Domains.

You can use our nameservers FOR FREE with domains you transferred to or registered through us.
99,9999% is not enough
Until today, no complete failure has happened. From experience we can thus tell, our Nameserver Infrastructure provides

100% Availability

even if most of our Nameservers were under maintenance. Whenever maintenance is necessary at all, usually only one or two Nameservers are affected at most.
You can List/Add/Manage/Delete a variety of Nameserver Record types:


Specify TTL values starting at 14400 (4 hours), upto whatever amount of seconds you want your Nameserver information to be cached after being accessed by someone.
Your own brand
Use your own brand on our Nameservers. Once you register a Domain, you can configure everything that's necessary in our Control Panel, in order to use subdomains like


as gateways to our Nameserver Infrastructure.

Please note: You should not use an .eu Domain for that purpose, because EURid limits Child Nameserver Entries, making it impossible to fit all 16 Nameserver IPs.

But even without a real Domain, you can still use your own brand - in the form of partially branded subdomains hosted on a neutral Domain. Those are configured by default, in order for you to be able to start with your business right from the beginning.
The Difference
Other providers often SELL you access to their Nameservers in addition to registering a Domain. In many cases, they only use the minimum number of Nameservers necessary, 2, which results in bad redundancy and even downtimes.

We on the other hand give you the means to register Domains at lowest prices AND have access to our 4x4 High-End Nameservers without any additional costs at all. Reviewing the hardware and effort put into our Nameserver Infrastructure, other providers would most certainly double or even triple your effective costs per domain.

The Difference: We will not.